Atelier Tiziano


Traditional, historical, stylish shoes


Tiziano adds his creative input in the creation of traditional hand made shoes. The first written documents that talk about these shoes date 1800. This specific shoe from Friuli (Italy), called “Friulana” find there origin further back in time, when they were initially manufactured by the able hands of women that used to produce these shoes for the entire household with a very ecological concept.
 These shoes were made, only using left over fabrics, old dresses or cutouts, moulding them in a design that has never changed through out the years and still today is modern. The project 
“CenCeTak” (without heals) reintroduces this
 original design using natural fabrics, recovering the original idea in the manufacturing, reusing and recycling, all components of the shoe, limiting the waste and helping with the protection of the natural environment. This project wants to conserve the excellence and quality of the original design typical of all crafts made in Italy. CenCeTak, offers a variety of “friulane” not only in velvet, silks, brocade, and recycled materials, but also in different styles.