Atelier Tiziano



Tiziano Picogna is an established designer and tailor in Friuli in Italy, were he lives close to his loved ones. Going against all market rules he runs his workshop in the countryside, where he promotes his concept of Rural Chic and Slow Fashion.

Rural Chic is Haut Couture in the countryside were beauty and traditional craftsmanship finds its origins in a rural atmosphere rich in tradition and ancient human values. Every outfit created by Tiziano is embalmed with tradition and love and embedded with a small piece of his soul. This is the reason for which Tiziano has a special love for the gowns he creates for special occasions that mark the path of an every woman’s life.

Every garment made to measure is designed together with the client, cut personally by Tiziano and fitted on each client. Each fabric is researched and elaborated by Tiziano.

Tiziano loves to enhance the femininity in each woman without making her ever become vulgar, giving her elegant sensuality respecting the character of each client.